Here's what my patients are saying about improvements in their health.

I'd been seeing Helena for various minor ailments for a few months when, in between visits, I got badly bitten by fleas at work - don't ask, you don't want to know! It rapidly cascaded into a living nightmare of bizarre skin, gut and neurological symptoms, totally out of keeping with the initiating cause. The GP was, how shall I put it, 'unhelpful' (a sublime understatement!) and I struggled to manage the worst of the symptoms until I saw Helena again. The remedy she whipped up on her snazzy machine was amazing: soon after I took the first dose it was as though a switch had been turned off, and many of the worst symptoms just disappeared. It was such a relief. It's a pretty complicated picture and there's a long way to go yet, but I have total faith that Helena will be able to get it sorted in the end. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her as a first-rate, insightful - and funny! - homeopath.
Chris Harris.

“I suffered from severe hayfever for 14yrs from March-Sept. I would feel shivery and unwell as if I had a cold for months on end. I had tried so many different things, & I didn't hold out much hope for homeopathy, but.... Helena, her machine and the drops fixed me! So summer 2013 was spent outside enjoying walks in fields with my dog (& my new baby) with not a second thought about a box of tissues! Since then I have, and would recommend her to anyone for anything! She's amazing.”
Hollie Barnes.

“I still do not understand how or why the magic drops work that Helena hands me work,but work they most definitely do. I have no doubt that without my magic potion from Helena I would not be in a position to work at the pace I am. I feel very well, the best in years and there is nothing Helena does not know about her industry. I would highly recommend that you pay her a visit, it will be worth it for sure.”
Lynne Skinner.

“Helena treated me for chronic asthma and I seem to be fully recovered. I was taking 3 types of drugs to treat the condition including steroids and bronchial dilators and have not needed to take any medication for 2 months.”
Shirley Waldron.

“Helena has provided me and colleagues with accurate analysis of our various problems using her skill and digital equipment and has complemented that with effective remedies, which work well. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Helena and certainly have done over recent months.”
Mike Parsons.

“Like a lot of people, I was more than sceptical in regards to homeopathy and had no knowledge of digital homeopathy prior to meeting with Helena. However having spent considerable time following the traditional hospital route with no outcome other than total frustration, I agreed to an initial consultation.

Helena explained everything extremely well in regards to the background to how she works, however I still have to confess that even after I completed my sessions It is hard to get a handle on what is actually occuring - especially when the laser comes out!

That said, after the first meeting I decided to cease taking a variety of medications that had been prescribed and through successive visits was surprised but delighted to find that the majority of long standing symptoms had dissappeared and moreover, this led to a considerable improvement in my ability to cope with stress which had been at the root of the majority of my challenges.

I guess we are all put off by things we dont understand or cant get our heads around - however I can strongly recommend anyone to undertake an initial consultation with Helena - go with an open mind, whats the worst that can happen? Hopefully like for me, it will prove to be a considerable success.”
Simon Dennis.

“I have had ulcerative colitis for nearly 9 years now - and for most of that time the condition has been severe. I have had countless medicines and potions via the NHS, including hospitalisation and intravenous treatment. I was on the verge of being referred to a surgeon to discuss extensive, irreversible surgery because my condition was considered 'untreatable'. More than one consultant had told me they neither knew what caused Ulcerative Colitis nor how to treat it. I was rarely able to leave the house during the morning and early afternoon and in severe pain for most of the time. I never travelled in the car without my trusty box in the back footwell - for fear that I should be caught out .. and, ashamedly, I frequently was. This is a horrible, embarrassing disease that doesn't just affect the sufferer but also others around you that you wish to socialise with. The patience and understanding of my husband, family and close friends has been remarkable - but slowly, my social life was, of necessity, becoming non-existent.

I have been very wary not to be 'sucked in' to alternative medicines, many of which have been recommended to me in the past by well meaning friends. In desperation, and at my husbands insistence, I contacted Helena (she had been recommended) and within 3 weeks of starting treatment my symptoms had generally eased and some had disappeared entirely.

I am, generally, a positive person and have approached each new medication with the view that this would be 'the one'. The same could not be said of my first treatment with Helena! OK, I had read her website and vaguely grasped the concept but this did not prepare me for the frankly 'weird' bottle of drops that I clutched as I emerged from her consulting room in Dorking. I can, therefore, assure you that I was not in a particularly positive frame of mind when I started with the medication. It took just a few days, in my case, for me to start to feel different - my tummy wasn't 'grumbling' as much and the severe tummy cramps were easing for the first time for months. Within two weeks I was able to go out to dinner in a restaurant and not dash away from the table all of the time (in fact, not at all). After 4 weeks of taking the drops (the least intrusive treatment I have ever had, trust me, you wouldn't want to know what some of the others have been!) I was no longer having to dash to the loo in the night and the bleeding that I had been experiencing was beginning to become less. I am now into my third month of her treatment and continue to improve daily. My symptoms have all but disappeared - no bleeding, no pain and tummy discomfort at all and probably only 2 or 3 visits to the loo in the morning before I feel confident enough to leave the house.

I still don't understand fully how Digital Homeopathy works - but it does and I would urge anybody suffering with Ulcerative Colitis to give it a try. The cynics amongst us would say I am in remission - but I know how much better I am - I haven't felt like this for years!"
Angela Goymer.

“I met Helena at a meeting in November 2011. She noticed that I was eating a different meal to everyone else. I explained that certain foods, including onions (which is in everything), peppers and prawns were among foods that I avoided as it made my joints swell. I discovered these food intolerances after going to see a kinesiologist. As far as I was concerned if avoiding eating certain foods meant that I didn't have to buy shoes 2 sizes larger and could get dressed on my own that was great. She believed that by using her knowledge of homeopathic treatments and aided by her 'machine' she would be able to remove my food intolerances. 'Yeah right!' was my initial reaction. I hadn't eaten onions (and all the other foods that I was intolerant to) for 7 years. Then I thought 'I'll give it a go'. After 3 visits Helena announced I could eat whatever I wished with no ill side-effects. Ummm... I had earned for a curry dinner out for years, so why not? Amazingly I was fine. So I went out again for another curry and I was still fine.

Without divulging all my personal 'problems' Helena is still working with me to get me back on track. But if you have a reservation about going to see her or are at all sceptical or simply don't like the idea of being medication for the rest of your life, I'd say try it.”

Helena is a true professional. I am, personally, so glad I met her. Needless to say, so is my local curry house! Life has certainly changed for the better for me. Thank you Helena."
Julia, Leatherhead.

“For many months I had been aware that I was not firing on all cylinders, either mentally or physically. I was becoming increasingly worried that I was developing some sort of slow, degenerative disease. In addition I had been suffering from acid reflux for some years which was linked to a stricture in the oesophagus. In recent years I had also developed frequent aches and pains in my feet and ankles which were exacerbated when my GP put me on statins for high cholesterol. Even though I had ceased to take the statins, the pains persisted and I could only ever wear flat shoes.

Whilst taking the first remedy she prescribed, the pains in my feet and ankles disappeared and the acid reflux was much improved. The second remedy provided further relief from acid reflux, the oesophageal stricture and I felt physically stronger, but it was after my third visit that I noticed my mental energy suddenly return. I'm now ploughing through all the issues I just couldn't find the drive to address for months and though not exactly teetering around in 4 inch stilettos, I can at least wear feminine footwear with small heels and go out and enjoy whatever food I like without dire discomfort afterwards.

Dear Helena also came up with a remedy for our very elderly and ageing spaniel who was in a lot of pain and really suffering from the effects of painkillers, as well as a wart virus that was creating constant infections. His recovery was almost miraculous - I honestly feel she has extended his life.

I shall definitely book myself in for her recommended annual MOT to maintain the new balance in my body.”
Kay, Fetcham.

Helena has provided me with some much needed homeopathic care and, by making good use of the digital technology she has to help her, this has been an enhanced service over other homeopaths that I have visited over the years. Thank you.”
Mike Parsons.


“I just wanted to give some feedback on the sessions you have been having with my mum. My mum, as you know, suffered a bi lateral Pulmonary Embolism to the lungs in May 2011 and was on a life support machine for a week. When she woke up she was on extensive medication, suffering pains and anxiety, unable to return to work and vernally unwell. She also strongly feared it happening again.

I brought her to you, hoping you could so something for me and the rest of the family, as well as mum.

I am pleased to say that she had her third session a week ago and what a difference!

She was happy, chatty, in fact, unable to keep quiet. She has reduced her medication to her blood thinning drugs only and has returned to work, 5 days a week!

I could only have dreamed of this progress a few months ago.

She even now believes she cannot have a blood clot again.

Her getting better and seeing it for herself has been astounding so thank you. It's nice to have my old mum almost back.”

“I have had Fibromyalgia for about 6 years, during that time I have been in constant pain and suffered with exhaustion. I have had appointments at the hospital for pain killing injections and injections to kill the nerve endings in my back. None of this worked and I ended up back where I started. It all came to a head when the pain became so bad i dint know what to do. I couldn't eat, sleep or function properly. I decided as a last ditch attempt to look up alternative medicine for fibromyalgia on the internet. I found Helena's website and decided to get in touch. In all honesty I was expecting nothing, I had never believed in alternative medicine of any kind, I only went to the appointment because I was desperate. It was the best thing I have done in my whole life. I have to say sitting at my first consultation I was thinking this is just weird, I went home with the drops she gave me and by the end of the following day I had no pain what so ever in my back for the first time in over 6 years.

Helena is the only person who has actually helped me in those years and the only person to have actually taken my illness seriously and treated every symptom I have, not just the fibro pain. I know I will never look back and am sure that in a few more months I will be pain free and able to live my life again. I recommend anyone with fibromyalgia or any other illness for that matter to give it a try, you will be surprised at how good you feel in such a short space of time, I am now a total believer in Helena not necessarily in all alternative medicine. I am a strong believer in seeing with my own eyes before I believe in anything and I know what she does works. I will always be grateful to Helena for what she has done, unless you know the pain of fibro you will not understand. I cannot recommend Helena and the treatment she offers highly enough.”
Wendy Forrest, Crawley.

“I was extremely sceptical about Homeopathy when a friend suggested that Helena may be able to help with my 11 year old son's sleeping problems. He had been having difficulty getting to sleep for several weeks and would complain of stomach ache at bedtime. During the day he would be tired and irritable. Helena's approach was very relaxed - he really enjoyed the consultation and found watching the results come up fascinating! Although the remedy Helena prescribed initially caused his stomach ache to be a little worse, within 3 days they had disappeared completely and he was sleeping soundly. I have my happy, relaxed son back again - thank you Helena!”
Jo K.

“I was a bit sceptical about homeopathy when I first went to see Helena, but I have now seen her three times and I can honestly say the problems I first went to see her for are all now gone and my general heath and well being are much better for seeing her as well. So thank you Helena, and I will definitely be going back to see her when I need to and recommending her to others.”
Chris Brennan - Jesson.

“Helena's breadth of knowledge is outstanding - as are her results, it's life-changing - many many thanks!”
Julie Blunt.

“Good morning Helena, thanks for looking at my back yesterday. Not quite sure what happened but it didn't hurt last night or this morning. Think you must be a magician :-) Thanks!”
Mark R, Carshalton.

“Having experienced progressive joint pain for the last few years, I was interested to see if the Asyra machine would be able to help with a diagnosis and remedy. The whole consultation was quite fascinating and very in-depth. A remedy was made up and within 1 week of taking it there was a definite improvement and 4 weeks later it is continuing to improve. Thank you Helena for your knowledge and your passion for enabling people to come back to optimum health!”
Paddy, Fetcham.

“OK while I can't begin to explain how we arrived at the end result, I love the explanation 'digital homeopathy', and I have to say that the aches in my body, that had been with me for most of last year and this year, have gone from 9 out of 10, 10 being the worst and most constant, down to 1 out of 10 after my first treatment, and I would reccomend anyone with any condition to try it out.”
Pamela R, Leatherhead.

“I was amazed as how quickly and thoroughly the remedy worked. Overnight my throat felt fine and my back pain improved drastically. Within a week my blood pressure has dropped low enough to come off the pills (which I'd stopped taking months ago) and that certainly wasn't due to healthier living on my part!!! Either this is miraculous stuff or I'm a medical marvel!”
Julie B, Newdigate.

“I was really very sceptical at first, but I was amazed, not only with how accurately the testing identified health issues which I knew about, but also the reasons behind them. I now know that the lack of energy I was feeling, despite being very fit and eating healthily, has to do with malabsorption of crucial minerals which I have been able to address thanks to the testing and the remedy Helena gave me.

…I was a bit dubious about taking the remedy, but forgot to take it one morning and felt exhausted by lunchtime, whereas my energy had greatly improved after seeing Helena, so I now know that this works."
Martin O, Coulsdon.

“Helena has a fasinating product plus the experience and enthusiasm to understand how to use it. I recommend you try this alternative therapy, you may well be very suprised by the results."
Lee Wayland.

“A friend of mine recommended Helena and the consultation was extremely useful. In my screening I was told that I was sensitive to wheat and grain food products and was also very dehydrated. Within a few days of taking the remedies and eliminating the identified foods from my diet, there is a great improvement in my energy levels. I can't thank Helena enough for her valuable expertise and professional approach. I will definitely be returning for follow-up treatment.”
Paul W, Sevenoaks.

“Using only the Asyra machine, Helena was able to detect a number of health problems I was already aware of, so I felt confident in the technology. The night of my treatment, I felt a subtle yet profound change. I felt as I haven't in years, more energy and positivity. The machine detected that I was low in Leptin [hunger regulating hormone] and Helena treated me for this. I lost 3 pounds within the first week on the remedy. I am Delighted.”
Patricia M, Banstead.

“The day before my treatment with Helena, I had reached burnout, rushing from one workplace to another. I was very low in energy, and the muscles in my upper body were in need of some help. I was amazed at how accurate the testing was, picking up exactly where I hurt, and indicating a problem with my adrenals, and that my main stress came up as my frustration around my work.

…Straight after initial treatment, I felt lighter and brighter. Two weeks of taking the remedy and I have more energy, no pain, and the main thing for me is that I feel in balance.”
Karen K, Ewell.

“I have been taking the remedy for a few days now, and I'm feeling positive results. It feels like this remedy is working in combination with my own inner healing, and I am conscious of positive inner changes at many levels. I am very grateful to Helena for the wonderful support.”
Helene W, Reigate.

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