About Helena

Helena AndrewsHelena is a registered homeopath with over 19 years experience. She spent 5 years from 1995-2000 working with a Dublin homeopath, Joy Lennon, while studying to become a licentiate of the Irish school of Homeopathy. She combines a classical approach with state-of-the-art health screening to ensure the best possible outcome for her patients in the shortest time.

About Digital Homeopathy

For over 200 years, homeopaths have asserted that it is the ‘energy’ or ‘resonance’ of a substance that is therapeutic. Hence, mainstream medicine has responded that there could be nothing valid about homeopathy as sub-molecular doses couldn't possibly have an effect. Quantum physics has proven that the universe ‘runs’ on the behaviour of sub-molecular matter. Digital homeopathy is based on the premise that the homeopathic energy is electro-magnetic. Everything in the universe has a unique electro-magnetic resonance and by reading this information, digital homeopathy can pick up pre-clinical disease, and address health conditions at a very early stage. Because we can ‘see’ more using electro-magnetics, digital homeopathy also picks up problems that standard blood tests cannot see and most importantly, offers permanent, gentle restoration of health.

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